Welcome to the yacht club of the Segler-Vereinigung Cuxhaven e.V.

SVC Hafenansicht von Westen
SVC harbour, partial view from the northwest

We offer a well-maintained yacht club with modern sanitary facilities, a children's playground and a public restaurant. Enjoy delicious, freshly prepared food in pleasant atmosphere with stunning views of the Elbe in the restaurant “Oberdeck”.


Enter the harbour - Moor - Enjoy - Relax

Once you have found a free/green marked anchorage (please pay attention to the boat dimensions and mooring sizes), our harbour master team is waiting for you at their office at the entrance area of our clubhouse.


There you can register with

• berth number

• boat name

• boat length

• number of crew members


and get everything you need for your stay with us. In the period from 9 to 11 a.m. and from 4 to 6 p.m, the harbour master is there for you at the office or on the pontoons.



At our machine, next to the harbour master office, you can pay demurrage and receive your stick-on label, receipt and smart card for access to the sanitary facilities.


If you stay longer than one night in the harbour, our harbour master can provide you with a visitor’s card on presentation of the receipt for your stay. The visitor’s card is mandatory and allows you free access to the beaches and offers reduced admission to swimming pools and museums. For a stay due the tide (max. 1 night) no visitor’s tax is payable. 


Berthing complex partial view from the west
Berthing complex partial view from the west

We have 230 berths for boats of different lengths

(please look at site plan).


Boats over 20 m in length only after prior registration with the harbor master.


Diesel filling station

Diesel filling station at the harbour entrance
Diesel filling station at the harbour entrance

Our filling station with bio-free diesel fuel is available around the clock via self-service basis. You will find the gas station and the faeces disposal at the harbor entrance (please look at site plan). 


View from the restaurant terrace
View from the restaurant terrace

The public restaurant "Oberdeck" in our clubhouse is open daily during the season for you.





Further service facilities for you:

• freshwater on the pontoons (no extra fee)

• power supply (230 V / 16 A) for each berth (no extra fee)

sanitary facilities 

◦ showers

◦ toilets

◦ washing machine

◦ laundry dryer

Washing machine and laundry dryer are cashlessly operated with the previously charged smart card.

• disabled toilet

free WiFi (code can be obtained at the harbour master office)

• sewage disposal next to diesel filling station

diesel filling station (marine diesel, no biological addings), available 24/7 (credit/debit card payment)

• disposal of used oil (contact harbour master team)

slipway up to 4,000 kg

two barbecue areas

• boules court

•handcart for luggage transport

children's playground (no dogs allowed)

• “dog run” next to the harbour premises

• up-to-date shipping forecast “Seewis”

• marine weather station (online) at the harbour master office (Weather / Tide / Currents)

• automated external defibrillator (AED) in the entrance area in front of the harbor masters office

• club parking ground

• breakfast bread rolls can be ordered at the motorhome campground


freshwater on the pontoons
freshwater on the pontoons

On VHF channel 71, you can receive the current weather report and information about the traffic on the river Elbe at 35 minutes past the hour.


In Cuxhaven we have a very good infrastructure for boats. Close to the harbour is a shipyard with a 16 tonnes crane, several companies which are specialised in repairing boats, sailmakers, ship suppliers and many others.